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The Contemporary Tuba
Online performance catalog of traditional and extended techniques for tuba; co-authored with friend and colleague, Jonathan Piper.

Recommended Consumption

Steven Takasugi
The Flypaper
(2005), for samples of various vocalizations
text by Robert Musil
translation by Burton Pike
Wieland Hoban, reciter
Steven Kazuo Takasugi, vocalizations

Ian Power
aspirapolvere, sega, spettro, tenere, possedere (2013), for accordion, alto sax, e. guitar
[vacuum cleaner, saw, ghost, hold, hold]
Performed by Ilario Morciano, Luca Piovesan, and Lorenzo Tomio.

Berglind Tómasdóttir
FLUTE AND RED NAILS (2011), recorded video
By Frankie Martin and Berglind Tomasdottir

Michelle Lou
Untitled (three part construction) (2016), for trombone, bass, and two object-performers

Jeffrey Treviño
The World All Around (2012), for Eb clarinet, harp, and prepared piano

Carolyn Chen
the character for ant contains the character for justice (2007), installation
From Breathing Music for the Dark, by Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Carolyn Chen – CPMC Theatre, UCSD – May 17, 2009.

Erik Ulman
Study for Eurydice (2010), for Solo Violin
for the installation by Marcia Scott (17’)
(premiere [first version]:  Erik Ulman, Berkeley, December 2009;
complete version:  Andrew McIntosh, Stanford, March 2010)

Reminiscing With Grandma – REUPLOAD (2009), video recomposition
Personal note: This video has fascinated me since its posting–the coarseness of sound design, the inexplicable moments of punctuation vis-à-vis prevailing noninvolvement… 2:47 in particular has inspired my work with negative space. I also can’t stop wondering what led the1koolkitty to decide, “yes! this is now finished.”

Tony Conrad
The Flicker (1965), excerpt
“WARNING. The producer, distributor, and exhibitors waive all liability for physical or mental injury possibly caused by the motion picture ‘The Flicker.’

Since this film may induce epileptic seizures or produce mild symptoms of shock treatment in certain persons, you are cautioned to remain in the theatre only at your own risk. A physician should be in attendance.”

Clint Enns
“an attempt to demystify tony conrad’s the flicker” (2010)

Adult Swim
Too Many Cooks (2014), series episode
Watch whole thing!