Pianist Luciane Cardassi performs Vergence II: “No meio do caminho…”
         10/5/2017: Canadian Music Centre, BC
         5/5/2017: Banff Centre, Canada (video) (press)

3/1-3/10/2017: Visiting Scholar, Iceland Academy of the Arts
– Conference talk on experimental documentary project at Hugarflug 2017
– Seminar on “John Cage and American Experimental Music” with Associate Professor
 Berglind María Tómasdóttir
– Lecture on recent work: “Acoustic Debris and Threshold Phenomena”
Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir performs Basso Profondo  on 3/9 concert, Lathyrus, at Mengi

Flutist Ine Vanoeveren performs Echoes of Cassandra on her UN(!)limited(?) tour
         2/6/2017: UCSD Connection, CPMC Experimental Theater
         1/26/2017:  Unity Through Echoes, LA City College

11/20/2016: Keyhole Listening installation featured on Day of Remembrance Road Concert (as part of the annual World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims), Los Angeles Road Concerts series.

10/1/2016: wasteLAnd featured by LA Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella Series as part of its season opener, Noon to Midnight.

7/5-7/18/2016: Interviews for up-coming documentary project looking into the nature of absorption. With Michael Lewis, Norman Sheppard, and Bill Winfield.

5/27/2016: wasteLAnd premieres for Chris Marker, for chamber sextet, at Art Share L.A. (Review)

4/30/2016: Alex Ross of The New Yorker hails wasteLAnd as “one of the country’s most far-sighted new-music series.

3/8/2016: wasteLAnd presents Strange Sounds from the Bookshelf, a Hammer Museum concert in collaboration with the Library Foundation of Los Angeles as part of its Hollywood Is a Verb initiative.

1/15/2016: The Contemporary Tuba—a free, online catalog of traditional and extended techniques for tuba—is now live! Includes in-depth parametric analysis, audio demonstration, practice tips, and more. Special thanks to co-researcher and co-author, Jonathan Piper.

11/10/2015: Rachel Beetz performs Echoes of Cassandra, for solo flute, at the CPMC Experimental Theater, La Jolla.

10/25/2015: Rachel Beetz premieres Echoes of Cassandra, for solo flute, at Betalevel, Los Angeles.

10/16/2015: artist collective pARTout! premieres multimedia installation, Sonnenschatten Mondhöfe, at the Cubus Kunsthalle, Duisburg.

9/12/2015: wasteLAnd featured in concert by the American Composers Forum – Los Angeles.

7/29/2015: Mark Swed of the LA Times proclaims wasteLAnd “musical pioneers.”

6/16/2015: Mark Menzies performs Recomposition No. 4, for solo violin, at the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, New England Conservatory (event page)

5/16/2015: Michael Matsuno premieres Aphorisms and Rituals, for solo bassflute, at the CPMC Recital Hall, La Jolla.

3/1/2015: Mark Menzies performs Recomposition No. 4, for solo violin, at the Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts.

2/27/2015: Mark Menzies performs Recomposition No. 4, for solo violin, at Art Share L.A. (review)

8/14/2014: Aaron Hynds performs Crapiccio, for solo tuba, at the International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt.

4/4/2014: wasteLAnd performs …on a par with grass & twigs…, for chamber sextet, at Art Share L.A. (review)