March 2017: visiting artist and instructor, Iceland Academy of the Arts
– Co-teaching course on John Cage with Associate Professor, Berglind María Tómasdóttir
– Presenting lecture on recent work: “Acoustic Debris and Threshold Phenomena”

11/20/2016: Keyhole Listening installation to be featured on Day of Remembrance Road Concert (as part of the annual World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims), Los Angeles Road Concerts series.

10/1/2016: wasteLAnd featured by LA Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella Series as part of its season opener, Noon to Midnight.

7/5-7/18/2016: Recorded interviews for up-coming documentary project looking into the nature of absorption. With Michael Lewis, Norman Sheppard, and Bill Winfield.

5/27/2016: wasteLAnd premieres for Chris Marker, for chamber sextet, at Art Share L.A. (Review)

4/30/2016: Alex Ross of The New Yorker hails wasteLAnd as “one of the country’s most far-sighted new-music series.

3/8/2016: wasteLAnd presents Strange Sounds from the Bookshelf, a Hammer Museum concert in collaboration with the Library Foundation of Los Angeles as part of its Hollywood Is a Verb initiative.

1/15/2016: The Contemporary Tuba—a free, online catalog of traditional and extended techniques for tuba—is now live! Includes in-depth parametric analysis, audio demonstration, practice tips, and more. Special thanks to my co-researcher and co-author, Jonathan Piper.

10/16/2015: artist collective pARTout! premieres multimedia installation, Sonnenschatten Mondhöfe, at the Cubus Kunsthalle, Duisburg.

11/10/2015: Rachel Beetz performs Echoes of Cassandra, for solo flute, at the CPMC Experimental Theater, La Jolla.

10/25/2015: Rachel Beetz premieres Echoes of Cassandra, for solo flute, at Betalevel, Los Angeles.

9/12/2015: wasteLAnd featured in concert by the American Composers Forum – Los Angeles.

7/29/2015: Mark Swed of the LA Times proclaims wasteLAnd “musical pinoeers.”

6/16/2015: Mark Menzies performs Recompositon No. 4, for solo violin, at the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, New England Conservatory (event page)

5/16/2015: Michael Matsuno premieres Aphorisms and Rituals, for solo bassflute, at the CPMC Recital Hall, La Jolla.

3/1/2015: Mark Menzies performs Recomposition No. 4, for solo violin, at the Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts.

2/27/2015: Mark Menzies performs Recomposition No. 4, for solo violin, at Art Share L.A. (review)

8/14/2014: Aaron Hynds performs Crapiccio, for solo tuba, at the International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt.

4/4/2014: wasteLAnd performs …on a par with grass & twigs…, for chamber sextet, at Art Share L.A. (review)